Friday, June 30, 2017

Beyond Thankful

God is Absolutely Amazing so Remember not matter what storm comes your way (or even a beautiful sunny day) praise him for the good and the bad, and spread the joy and love from his sacrifice with the world!

I am thankful that I was able to wake up today 
I am thankful for my family, friends, associates
I am thankful for the good health of so many
I am thankful that those with ailing health, have the strength to keep going

P.S I have tons of great things to look forward to: 2nd year, Leadership positions, Non-Profit work (Finally YAYYY) and immense personal and spiritual growth 
I am beyond thankful and All praise, honor and glory goes to GOD because I could not have made it on my own!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

June the Rollercoaster!!

A sample of my June. 
June you were filled with humps, bumps, twist and turns!!

My June kicked off great! MPF Scholarship Recipient!

Me and my mini-me at the Scholarship Gala, Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Myself, fellow MSM classmates (rising 4th year and recent graduate) and a undergrad student from my alma mater Spelman, and the President and Dean of my school Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice
Scholars Forum Washington DC

The illustrious and historic U.S Congressman from my home state, John Lewis

The illustrious and historic U.S Congressman from my home state, John Lewis
cameo appearance by recent MSM MD graduate Dr. G

Washington, D.C

Random Washington DC Cuteness

Random Washington DC Cuteness

Year End Research Culminating Ceremony

Year End Research Culminating Ceremony: Physicians, future physicians, leaders and future leaders!

Introducing Shan,
2nd Year Medical Student
 2017-2018 Co-Director of the student run H.E.A.L Clinic
Family Medicine Interest Group Vice-President
MSM SNMA Chapter Treasurer
 and Founder of Conceive A Dream Foundation, Inc. (official website coming soon 😊😊😊)

Friday, June 2, 2017

Hello June

Hello June
Hello to another awesome month
Thank you spring for wonderful things
Soon Hello Summer and all its magnificent wonder

Signed: Shan A.K.A Rising Doctor

Big Moments in June History (for me)
June 2016- First Year Orientation for Medical School
Trip to Mexico
June 2015- Summer APEX Program
June 2014- Began my AMSA Just Medicine Fellowship

Big Moments in June (to come)
Diverse Scholars Forum- I will (maybe) present my research!