Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Marching Forward

Is it just me or is the year flying by, I think I utter this statement every week because I feel like tomorrow when I wake up it will be summer time already. So here's a brief update: For the past few weeks my life has consisted of nothing but work, work, work, a few occasional movies, my son's basketball games on the weekends and practice during the week (thankfully the season ended last week, but now his baseball season has officially started) and the most exciting event was the Hawks game we attended last night, thanks to my son's great achievements in school, the Hawks organization awarded all students with outstanding academic achievements a ticket to one of their games and discount pricing for all additional tickets. It was a great game, we had awesome seats, the team performed well and, the crowd was very lively and my son enjoyed his very first ever NBA game.

As for this application cycle..... shoot me now :-/,
No but seriously it is not going as I would like, but I am not throwing in the towel so easily, I am praying, faithful, hopeful and all the above that things will work out in my favor. One thing I am not, is lost. I always have a plan or an idea brewing on my next steps and Im currently in covort mission mode, working to make sure Im active and more involved this summer.

I am human and I experience sadness (why is it so hard for me), bewilderment (why the heck am I not in medical school, I am a good person, I am passionate, empathetic, and smart) just like the next person. Despite the chaos in my personal life, I have so much to be thankful for that I have to keep pushing and moving forward towards my dreams and being a great role model of perseverance for my son and better yet I have to be strong for myself. I hope the application seasons is fruitful for everyone else, stay encouraged!

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