Friday, October 21, 2016

Organ Systems 1: The Game Changer

It has been a whole month since my last blog post and I definitely have a few updates to share. Of course I had the pleasure in participating in my schools annual White Coat Ceremony. My family and friends were able to be their and support me as I began this new chapter exciting chapter!

Mostly importantly (at least academically) I began the Organ Systems 1 block and the last 6 weeks consisted of our 1st test block mainly on Cardiology and randomly thrown in there Skin and the Nervous System. I also started Gross Anatomy lab and during this 1st test block we learned about the Back and Upper limb anatomy/dissections. I am very appreciative of the individuals that saw fit to donate their vessel/body for science, so that I and my classmates would be able to further our understanding of anatomy and the physical body! 

Now lets get to the good stuff. How I feel about Organ Systems/Gross Lab 1 so far!
Well Hmm (clears throat LOL) its like a coin toss there are aspects that I like and things that I don't like. Lets start with what I am not so fond of. I am not a big fan of the actual dissection part of Gross lab. I understand the practicalness/purpose of Gross lab but I know for sure in my heart (as of right now) that surgery is not my forte, I can barely draw a straight line let alone reflect/dissect/skin. The ambiguity of nerves, blood vessels and structures is mind blowing to me and while very fascinating, I find bit challenging in the aspect of memorization and discernment going from one cadaver to the next. As time goes on I am sure it will come with more ease but as of today, three days post Gross Lab Practical, I can't say that I am ever super excited when I see gross lab on the schedule.

Next, OS1 lecture: Since our first test block was 6 weeks, this 1st test was the longest test so far. As I may have mentioned before the subject matter is generally not at all difficult, the challenging aspect for me was the amount of material. I definitely enjoy learning new things. Many of the biochem, physiology and cell bio type topics were previously introduced to me during grad school. Learning about these topics in medical school has provided me with a deeper layer of understanding. Also we started Community Health. MSM missions is really community oriented and in this Service-Learning course we take an active role in the community and try to add additional value to the lives of those we service through mentorship, programming, and by implementing a health related intervention based on community needs.

Our 1st exam of this block was on Oct 18 & 19. Despite having had several exams prior, I can say this exam was an eye opening experiences. They showed me a lot about the effectiveness of my study style/schedule and about my personal drive and motivation. I got sick during this first block, a few random family things happened, and I have a minor fender bender. All things that could happen whether I am a student or not. Having all these things happened has help me reevaluate my own drive. Physical illness is something that I can't necessarily predict and sometimes even prevent but those days when I am just mentally exhausted and don't feel like sticking to my schedule, I can prevent. 

Tip for Today: Make a schedule and stick to it. Make sure your schedule is flexible and incorporate free/me/fun time into your schedule. Devote as much time to personal/mental relaxation as you do to academic preparation and progression!

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